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6v 2.8Ah SLAU6V2.8

Bulls Power

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SLAU6V2.8 6v 2.8Ah F1 SLA rechargeable battery. Weight: 1.26lb (.57kg) Measures: Length in. (mm) 2.6" (66mm), Width in. (mm), 1.3" (33mm), Height in. (mm) 3.82" (97mm). This battery cross references or is compatible with these AP-628F1, CP628, D5695, DJW6-2.8BT, LP6-2-8-T1, LP6-2.8BT, PS-628, SLA-2.8-6, SLA0184, SLA0895, SP6-2.8-T1, UB632, UN2.8-6, and WP2.8-6. Designed for use in a variety of applications and has a wide operation temperature range from -15 to 50℃.

  • 2.8Ah
  • 6v
  • SLA