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GC8 CR-150 8v 150Ah Golf Cart Battery


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Crown GC8 CR-150, 8v 150Ah Commercial Flooded-Cell Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery.

The CC8 Battery is designed under CROWN1 series standards for use in golf and electric vehicle applications and will typically deliver in excess of 20,000 ampere-hours before reaching the end of its useful life.

The GC8 works in Golf Carts, Marine, RV, Backup Power, and Off-Grid PV Systems. Crown's CR-150's are standard GC8 size flooded-cell batteries.

  • Exclusive C-Force™ Active Mass for increased charge acceptance and discharge times
  • Rugged, SolidCast™ plates that result in longer battery life and work (or play!) as hard as you do
  • PosiWrap™ plate separators and other proprietary Crown components cut maintenance, add peace of mind
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  • CR-150
  • 8v
  • 150Ah




BCI Group Number GC8
Model Number


Length in. (mm)

10.31" (262mm)

Width in. (mm)

7.06" (179mm)

Terminal Height in. (mm)

10.82" (275mm)

Weight lbs (kg)

60lbs (27.2kg)

Terminal Type


20 Hr Rate


5 Hr Rate


Discharge Capacity

103 / 56A

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